Ted Karlsson

Senior DI Colorist

The colorist

Making films for a living since 2005 working with colors will always be my favorite through the whole process.

Coming from an editing background there's just something with color grading that speaks to me. I can write specifications of my grading suite, 4K, DaVinci and all that but instead I want to tell you how calm it is, working with colors. How the colors in a well graded scene can talk to the viewer's subconsciousness and awake feelings, just like music, without any words.

This is what I apply on all my projects no matter if it's a commercial, documentary or a feature film - when I can make the viewer feel what needs to be felt through colors, I've done my job.
Since the raw material will end up in my hands in the end, having full control over it on set is wonderful. That way I can streamline the post production, implement a proper workflow and see to that everything is perfect as I online before the color grading.
When we're done and happy with the project it's time to let everyone else see. I will export anything from phone or tablet aimed formats, broadcast masters to the silver screen like DCDM's and un/encrypted DCP's.

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